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I/1.1 QUT international framework

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1.1.1 Responsibilities of International Portfolio
1.1.2 External obligations
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1.1.1 Responsibilities of International Portfolio

The International Portfolio has responsibility for supporting the core goals of the University and contributing to its internationalisation, cultural development and further outreach and advancement.

In meeting its international objectives the Portfolio provides strategic advice and leadership based on market analysis and intelligence regarding international partnerships, student mobility, research collaborations, and student recruitment opportunities for QUT. It also provides leadership to, and regular engagement with, those committees with an international agenda. The Portfolio also provides strategic advice for consideration by University Executive Committee.

In the context of its internationalisation function, the Portfolio is responsible for:

  • development and execution of the Internationalisation Framework
  • meeting University Blueprint aspirations and KPIs
  • development of policies relating to international representation and international institutional collaboration, including student exchange
  • development of an annual International Engagement and Recruitment Plan
  • promotion of QUT as a University of choice for overseas students, academics, and international partners
  • international institutional collaborations and agreements
  • engagement with international partners and agencies
  • managing institutional compliance around foreign influence, foreign interference and foreign arrangements.


1.1.2 External obligations

QUT must comply with various legislation relating to the provision of education and training services for international students, in particular

  • the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (Cth) (ESOS Act)
  • the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (2018)
  • the Education (Overseas Students) Act 2018 (Qld)
  • Visa and immigration regulations and legislation
  • the requirements of external national and supranational agencies
  • the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme, and
  • the Foreign Arrangements Scheme.


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QUT International website (QUT staff access only)


Modification History





10.06.21 All Vice-Chancellor and President Periodic review and revisions to responsibilities and external obligations as a result of Repositioning QUT for a post-COVID world reorganisation and Commonwealth foreign influence, foreign interference and foreign arrangement requirements
29.05.20 All Vice-Chancellor and President Division of International renamed International Portfolio (effective 01.07.20)
10.05.19 I/1.1.1 Vice-President (Business Development) Revised to move responsibilities from engagement framework to international framework
11.11.11 All Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International and Development) Periodic review - policy revised



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