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12.1.1 Staff development at QUT
12.1.2 Staff development providers
12.1.3 Responsibilities of management
12.1.4 Responsibilities of individual staff members
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12.1.1 Staff development at QUT

QUT is committed to the development of an organisational culture that fosters and rewards high quality scholarship and builds a sense of community amongst its staff as reflected in the QUT Blueprint. Staff development encompasses activities in which staff members engage to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their current role and to build their personal and professional capacity to benefit themselves and the University.

QUT supports staff development strategies which:

  • promote QUT's values and objectives in support of QUT's top level plans, including the development of those capabilities required for future readiness
  • align staff development to key priorities of the University
  • foster capacity building for academic, professional and senior staff by promoting a collaborative and integrated approach to staff development
  • foster high quality collaboration, interpersonal engagement and ethical behaviour and practices in QUT staff
  • align with the principles of efficiency (return on investment), diversity, accessibility and recognition
  • encourage staff development at all levels and career stages
  • facilitate a diverse and dynamic range of learning and development opportunities for staff
  • enhance the ability among staff to adapt to the anticipated rate of change affecting tertiary institutions both internally and externally
  • enhance staff motivation, morale and performance.
  • Top

12.1.2 Staff development providers

QUT recognises its role in assisting both managers and staff in the identification, organisation and provision of appropriate learning and development options. To achieve this, the University has created a Staff Development Network (SDN) which comprises all providers of development and related activities at QUT.

The SDN collaborates on development strategies and programs and ensures that efficiencies are achieved in overall design, delivery and registration. This collaboration is demonstrated in the Staff Development and Training portal [link] which provides comprehensive information on QUT development and training opportunities.

Details of the terms of reference, membership and strategies of the SDN are available from the Staff Development and Training website.

The SDN is provided with strategic oversight by the SDN Steering Committee which is jointly chaired by the Provost and the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar, and has as members staff development provider managers from across the University.


12.1.3 Responsibilities of management

Implementation of staff development programs rests primarily with management (executive deans / heads of divisions / executive directors and heads of department / school / independent section). It is the responsibility of every manager and supervisor to ensure that staff are aware of all relevant opportunities for development and are encouraged and supported to participate in such programs.

Managers and supervisors are responsible for:

  • reviewing learning and development needs of staff and assisting staff to identify and develop plans to meet these needs through the respective Performance Planning and Review schemes (B/9)
  • allocating funding and related support resources, such as time off work (where applicable) to support development opportunities for staff
  • enriching staff experiences by promoting information sharing, involving staff in decision making, encouraging the application of new skills and providing job growth opportunities such as higher duties and secondments.


12.1.4 Responsibilities of individual staff members

The effectiveness of any staff development activity depends on the active and purposeful participation of the individuals involved, and each staff member is encouraged to:

  • actively seek opportunities to upgrade skills and knowledge required in their current position
  • advise supervisors where work or career needs are not being met and identify and develop plans to meet these needs through the performance planning and review process
  • consider upgrading qualifications through further study (B/12.3).


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