Manual of Policies and Procedures

A/8.7 Cultural diversity and anti-racism

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Director, Equity

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Approval Authority

Vice-Chancellor and President

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8.7.1 Purpose
8.7.2 Application
8.7.3 Roles and responsibilities
8.7.4 Responsibilities and commitments
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8.7.1 Purpose

Consistent with QUT’s equal opportunity and diversity policy (A/8.4) and the QUT Reconciliation Statement (A/8.3), QUT’s approach to cultural diversity and anti-racism:

  • promotes and encourages awareness, understanding and appreciation of the differences that exist amongst cultural groups and acknowledges and celebrates the breadth of experience and resources that people from diverse backgrounds bring to the University
  • recognises and acknowledges the particular significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the original owners of this land
  • recognises the responsibility of educational institutions to redress disadvantage and to overcome exclusion, bigotry, ethnocentrism, prejudice and racism
  • respects and protects the rights of its students and staff to study and work in a discrimination-free environment.


8.7.2 Application

This policy applies to all staff members, students, and members of the University community, and all aspects of QUT’s operations.


8.7.3 Roles and responsibilities


Director, Equity

  • in consultation with relevant senior officers
    • provides advice and support to university officers in meeting QUT’s cultural diversity and anti-racism obligations
    • manages, designs, implements and monitors specific cultural diversity initiatives and training

University Equity Committee

  • provides advice on cultural diversity and anti-racism according to its terms of reference (A/8.9)
Managers and Supervisors (within their scope of authority)
  • ensure workplace and study environments are inclusive and free of racial discrimination and harassment
  • implement this policy in all aspects of their areas’ activities
All staff, students and members of the QUT community (as defined in B/8.1.2)
  • behave in a manner which is non-discriminatory
  • support anti-racism, diversity and cultural inclusivity


8.7.4 Responsibilities and commitments

Organisational culture and environment

QUT will take all reasonable steps to provide and support a culturally diverse and inclusive work, study and research environment. A culturally diverse community is characterised by a wide range of traditions, languages, beliefs, values, ideas and practices. Consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and with Australian law, the University will make every effort to ensure staff and students are aware of their rights to have their cultural identity respected and to be free of discrimination.

The University will provide opportunities to increase respect for cultural diversity, such as training, events, inter-cultural interaction, promotional materials and open debate, and ensure that decision-making structures are inclusive.

Through strategic planning, QUT will monitor its progress towards being a culturally-inclusive environment. Any complaints that may arise on cultural, ethnic or racial grounds will be resolved by the University using established process The Grievance resolution procedures for discrimination related grievances (A/8.5) provides further information.

Human resources

QUT will facilitate cross-cultural competence by providing professional development and learning opportunities for staff, and will recognise those who develop their skills and knowledge in this area. The University will also support and monitor the effectiveness of managers and supervisors in their responsibilities to achieve a culturally inclusive environment. Working conditions are to be consistent with the needs of a socially and culturally diverse community, particularly the cultural and religious obligations of staff.

Curriculum and students

QUT will develop and deliver programs which are culturally inclusive in course design, curriculum content and teaching methodologies. Through these programs the University is responsible for producing cross-culturally competent graduates who can engage with multiple perspectives, operate in diverse environments, work in multicultural teams and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ perspectives and knowledges. Student policies, procedures and support services, appropriate for a diverse student population, will be provided as well as targeted support services for groups identified as having particular needs.

Research and community service

Through public debate, the University will promote the values of cultural diversity and anti-racism in the wider Australian community. The University will also encourage research and community service activities that actively engage with cultural diversity issues, and are inclusive of and beneficial to diverse groups.


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Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld)

Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 (Cth)

Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth)

Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)


Modification History

Date Sections Source Details
19.04.18 All Vice-Chancellor Revised and simplified policy
25.08.11 All Equity Director Periodic review - No change required
29.11.07 All Vice-Chancellor Revised and renamed policy as part of revised policy framework for social justice (endorsed by Equity Board 23.08.07); renumbered to A/8.7 (formerly A/8.10)
20.09.01 All Vice-Chancellor New policy