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A/2.1 Professional services

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Director, Office of the Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar

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Vice-Chancellor and President

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2.1.1 Purpose
2.1.2 Application
2.1.3 Roles and responsibilities
2.1.4 Service lead accountability
2.1.5 Enterprise Service Model
2.1.6 Service Leads
2.1.7 Service and performance management
2.1.8 Definitions
2.1.9 Delegations
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2.1.1 Purpose

QUT is committed to achieving excellence in the design and delivery of professional services. This policy is supported by the QUT Professional Services Framework.


2.1.2 Application

This policy applies to all professional services delivered to the following clients:

  • all staff, academic and professional (services delivered by central service providers delivered in support of learning, teaching and research)
  • students (services delivered by central service providers and within faculties that support learning, research training and the overall student experience)
  • external stakeholders, including external partners and Alumni.


2.1.3 Roles and responsibilities

Service excellence is a responsibility shared by all staff. Service delivery is based upon a partnership between the service provider and client (service recipient) founded on mutual accountability.


Service Lead

  • comprises the single point of accountability for the delivery of services within the defined Service Portfolio


  • accountable for constructive engagement with service providers in service planning and prioritisation; the provision of feedback on service performance; and participation in designing and implementing service innovation and improvement initiatives


2.1.4 Service lead accountability

Service leads are accountable for:

  • defining the service strategy, ensuring buy-in of service collaborators and clients, and consistent application across the service University-wide
  • determining and developing resource and capability levels across the dimensions of people, processes and systems
  • managing service performance and driving service improvement, including leading changes to service delivery, business processes and systems’ enhancements
  • ensuring a sustainable cost of service delivery
  • promoting a client-focused culture and partnership approach to service delivery
  • designing and delivering services in accordance with this policy and with the QUT Professional Services Framework (QUT staff access only).


2.1.5 Enterprise Service Model

Service principles

The design, delivery and review of all professional services at QUT occurs within an Enterprise Service Model. This means that a University-wide and client perspective is taken in considering how best to organise services to achieve greater consistency across and standardisation within each end-to-end service.

Services provided within the Enterprise Service Model support the delivery of QUT’s strategic and operational goals, and are aligned with the following principles:

    • Client centric: designed from the perspective of the end-user, delivering a responsive, high quality client experience
    • Led by a single point of accountability (Service Lead) responsible for the delivery of professional and financially sustainable end-to-end services and business processes
    • Clearly defined, easy to access and consistently delivered across the University
    • Offered through tiered service delivery, from self-service through to personalised support for specialised services
    • Supported by streamlined and standardised processes, enabled by technology, providing simple and efficient solutions
    • Supported by staff capability and functional expertise which meets client needs and by clearly defined and consistent roles and responsibilities
    • Governed by a common approach to service performance across all services.

The Enterprise Service Model does not mean that one service model is appropriate for all services but that a consistent University-wide approach is taken to the design, delivery and improvement of each service.

Tiered Service Delivery

As part of the Enterprise Service Model, services are organised aligned with tiered service delivery supporting seamless service delivery through identified hand-off points and clear escalation mechanisms for the resolution of service concerns.


2.1.6 Service Leads

Positions designated as services leads and their respective service portfolios are:

Service Lead
Service Portfolios

Chief Financial Officer

  • Finance

Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar

  • Human Resources
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Equity and Wellbeing (including Disability Services)
  • Student enquiry management (HiQ)
  • Student administration (including student support roles in faculties, in consultation with Executive Deans)
  • Oodgeroo Unit (support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in entering and studying at QUT)
  • Governance, Legal and Performance
  • Student Engagement and Support
  • Medical Centre services
  • Facilities Management

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education)

  • Support for learning (including learning technology support, academic development, language and learning support, student career development, coordination of students as partners and/or peer programs)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)

  • Research support services
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) student services

Vice-President (Business Development)

  • Business Development (including fundraising)
  • Alumni and community relations
  • Advancement services

Chief Information Officer

  • Information technology and audio-visual services


2.1.7 Service and performance management

Further detail and guidance on service and performance management is outlined in the QUT Professional Services Framework (QUT staff access only).

Service Catalogue

A service and its performance should be of value to clients and stakeholders and contribute to the achievement of the University’s objectives. What services are delivered, and the setting of service standards should occur through a process of engagement with clients.

The QUT Professional Services Catalogue (QUT staff access only) outlines all professional services delivered across QUT. The catalogue provides a high level, client centric description of services (service clusters), establishes clear accountabilities for the delivery of services and informs the development of service standards.

Service Leads are responsible for annually reviewing the Professional Services Catalogue with respect to their Service Portfolios.

Service Standards

It is important to define a level of performance (service standard) that is appropriate for the service and is achievable. Services may have a balanced set of service standards, including a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures which inform an assessment by the service lead of whether or not services are meeting acceptable levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Performance Indicators

Performance indicators measure whether the service is delivering outcomes to the agreed service standard. Measures of performance should be relevant; easily accessible and reportable; reliable; specific and measurable; easy to communicate and able to influence the performance outcome.

Service Partnership Group

To support service planning, delivery and performance considerations at the University level, a Service Partnership Group may meet as required. The Group is chaired by an Executive Dean and comprises senior representatives of service leads and client groups.


2.1.8 Definitions

Professional Services comprise activities performed by people, processes, systems, or a combination of these at QUT, providing outcomes and solutions valued by clients.


2.1.9 Delegations

Refer to Register of Authorities and Delegations (VC207, VC208) (QUT staff access only).


Related Documents

QUT Professional Services Framework (QUT staff access only)

QUT Professional Service Catalogue (QUT staff access only)


Modification History

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23.04.20 A/2.1.6 Governance and Legal Services Administrative amendments to reassign service lead roles made as a consequence of organisational change
16.08.19 All Vice-Chancellor and President New policy