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F/1.10 Library treatment of theses

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Associate Director, Library Services (Information Resources and Research Support)

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University Academic Board

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1.10.1 Policy statement
1.10.2 Application
1.10.3 Definitions
1.10.4 Roles and responsibilities
1.10.5 Cataloguing and access
1.10.6 Copyright matters
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1.10.1 Policy statement

QUT higher degree research theses are required to be made publicly available to researchers and the general public through QUT ePrints - Digital Theses. On conclusion of the thesis examination process, the higher degree research candidate is required to submit a digital copy of their final thesis.


1.10.2 Application

This policy applies to theses submitted by higher degree research candidates for the awards of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Doctorate by Research, and Masters by Research.


1.10.3 Definitions

A thesis is the substantive work submitted for examination for the award of a higher degree by research.

In academic publishing, an embargo is a period of time during which access is not allowed to certain typoes of users (usually the general public).

QUT Digital Theses is a digital collection of theses produced by higher degree research students at QUT. The theses are made publicly available online in order to improve access and promote QUT research to the international community.


1.10.4 Roles and responsibilities

The QUT Library is responsible for making accessible a digital version of higher degree research theses through QUT ePrints - Digital Theses.

The Research Students Centre is responsible for ensuring that

  • higher degree research candidates submit their thesis on completion of their studies, in accordance with the Higher degree research candidates policy (D/5.3) and the Requirements for Presentation of Theses; and
  • higher degree research theses (in digital format), together with documentation relating to any approved embargoes, restrictions or copyright permissions, are forwarded to the QUT Library for processing.


1.10.5 Metadata and access

The QUT Library manages access to theses which are to be provided by candidates in digital format.

The Library does not receive, catalogue, or archive physical items. For some theses by creative works, it may only be possible to provide the exegesis in QUT ePrints - Digital Theses..

Print copies of theses submitted prior to 2013 and not under embargo or other restrictions are held in closed access in the QUT Library and are available on request for use within the Library.


When submitting their final thesis, a higher degree research candidate may request the Dean of Research and Research Training to embargo the thesis. If approved, the QUT Library will restrict access to the thesis as stipulated by the Dean.


1.10.6 Copyright matters

Copyright of a thesis is normally vested in the candidate. Copyright materials included in theses but owned by a third party, such as a publisher, can only be reproduced in the digital thesis in QUT ePrints - Digital Theses with proof of written permission from the copyright holder. Higher degree research candidates must ensure that appropriate approvals are obtained prior to submission of their thesis. Copyright material for which permission from the copyright holder has not been obtained must be removed from the thesis that is made available via QUT ePrints - Digital Theses.

Whenever deletion of material is necessary, an intact version of the thesis will be held in QUT ePrints - Digital Theses, but will not be accessible to the public. The Library reserves the right to remove a thesis from public access via QUT ePrints - Digital Theses should a third party claiming to be copyright owner of a portion of content provide such notice to the Library or supply the Library with a take-down notice.

Copying of printed theses held in the QUT Library collection may be undertaken by or on behalf of any person entitled to use the QUT Library, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).


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Modification History

Date Sections Source Details
23.11.12 All University Academic Board Policy revised to reflect cessation of requiring bound theses for lodgement
07.10.10 All Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Technology, Information and Learning Support) Revised due to the removal of Australasian Digital Theses (ADT)
18.09.09 All University Academic Board Policy revised and renamed
14.11.08 All University Academic Board Policy renumbered to F/1.10 (formerly C/10.3)