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C/1.3 Learning and teaching grants and awards

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1.3.1 Policy principles
1.3.2 QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme
1.3.3 Office for Learning (OLT) programs
1.3.4 Obligations (financial and research)
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1.3.1 Policy principles

QUT is committed to sustaining institutional change aimed at enhancing student learning and enabling a culture that values the scholarship of learning and teaching.

This commitment is demonstrated through:

  • an efficient internal grant strategy (QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme)
  • positive engagement with Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), Australian Government Department of Education and Training, awards, grants and fellowships programs.


1.3.2 QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme

The QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme provides funding to faculties to build the capability of academic staff, promote strategic change, and disseminate good practice in learning and teaching.

An annual allocation for the QUT Learning and Teaching Grant Scheme is distributed to faculties based on teaching load (EFTSL - Equivalent Full-Time Student Load) and is contingent on faculties making a contribution to the scheme equivalent to that received.

Guidelines for the scheme, including application and reporting requirements are available on the Learning and Teaching Unit website.

Roles and responsibilities

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education) is the sponsor of the QUT Learning and Teaching Grants Scheme and approves the allocation of funds.

Associate deans (learning and teaching)

The associate deans (learning and teaching) are responsible for:

  • determining grant priorities in line with the objectives of the scheme and administering the scheme at the faculty level
  • ensuring faculty level adherence to QUT reporting requirements, the faculty project selection and financial acquittal processes
  • monitoring and reviewing project progress
  • disseminating and supporting the embedding of project outcomes and where appropriate the up-scaling of projects for OLT (Office for Learning and Teaching) grant funding.


1.3.3 Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) programs

The Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) promotes and supports change in higher education institutions for the enhancement of learning and teaching.

The Digital Workplace Teaching website (QUT staff access only) provides an overview of QUT processes for applying for OLT programs.

Roles and responsibilities

Vice-Chancellor and President

The Vice-Chancellor and President approves and signs OLT award and fellowship nominations.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education)

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education):

  • chairs the QUT selection panel for OLT awards and fellowships
  • endorses OLT award and fellowship nominations for Vice-Chancellor and President approval
  • approves OLT grant applications and other OLT funded initiatives
  • certifies reports on QUT's OLT grant and fellowship projects.

Executive Director, Office of Research Services

The Executive Director, Office of Research Services signs OLT agreements and contracts for OLT research grants and fellowships and OLT grants and initiatives not deemed to be research.

Executive deans

Executive deans endorse nominations and applications for OLT awards, fellowships and other initiatives as required by the OLT.

Associate deans (learning and teaching)

The associate deans (learning and teaching):

  • provide the primary point of contact for QUT expressions of interest for nominations for OLT awards, fellowships, grants, and other OLT funded initiatives
  • oversee the faculty-level identification, support and review processes for staff engaging with OLT programs
  • endorse QUT expressions of interest, and full proposals for QUT led grants and other OLT funding initiatives.

Heads of school

Heads of school:

  • endorse staff involvement in the preparation of OLT grant and other funding applications including QUT expressions of interest
  • endorse staff participation in OLT projects including QUT-led and partner projects.


1.3.4 Obligations (financial and research)

Allocation and expenditure OLT award monies

OLT award monies can be used only for one or more of the following purposes:

(a) advance the careers of recipients

(b) provide additional resources to support recipients' teaching or activities related to the award

(c) assist the individual or team to disseminate good practice learning and teaching.

Expenditure of award monies should conform to:

  • relevant school/department and faculty/division protocols relating to University expenditure and, where appropriate, be negotiated in consultation with the recipient/s' supervisor
  • the University's policy on appropriate expenditure of University funds (G/5.1) and the Financial Manual (QUT staff access only).

Acceptable expenditure includes for example, equipment purchase, conference attendance, support for learning and teaching related research/projects, and professional development. Award monies should not be used to provide teaching relief to allow the recipient to engage in research that is unrelated to learning and teaching. Any equipment purchased with OLT Award monies remains the property of the University, subject to University policy.

If the award recipient moves to another eligible higher education institution as defined in the OLT guidelines, the award money can be transferred to that institution (subject to the two institutions agreeing). If the recipient will no longer be at an eligible institution, then the award will be reallocated to the recipient's respective faculty or division for use in line with points (b) and (c) above. If the award recipient is an Adjunct Professor at QUT they are eligible to use award money in line with the preceding points.

In the case of a program award with a number of institutions as partners QUT is required to enter into an understanding with the partner institutions regarding the sharing of the award money.


QUT staff engaged in OLT or QUT Learning and Teaching grant projects, fellowships or other funded initiatives must comply with the QUT Code for responsible conduct of research (D/2.6).


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30.09.19 All Provost Approved position title change for Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) to Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education)
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13.11.15 All University Academic Board Revised policy
27.06.14 C/1.3.5 Manager, Awards and Grants Service Policy revised to clarify expenditure of Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) monies when a staff member leaves QUT
20.09.13 C/1.3.4 University Academic Board Revised to clarify arrangements for Office for Learning and Teaching grant agreements
04.10.12 All Chair,University Academic Board Revised policy - minor editorial change to reflect new authorities and changes to grant schemes and grant giving bodies




Policy revised to reflect committee name change from University Teaching and Learning Committee to University Learning and Teaching Committee




Policy revised to include approved name change for Office of Teaching Quality to Learning and Teaching Unit and position title for Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Teaching Quality) to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)



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Periodic review - Policy revised to include details of QUT's engagement with ALTC



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