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A/9.10 Electrical safety

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Executive Director, Health, Safety and Environment

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Vice-President (Administration) and Registrar

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9.10.1 Purpose
9.10.2 Application
9.10.3 Roles and responsibilities
9.10.4 Implementation
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9.10.1 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline key responsibilities for ensuring electrical safety at QUT.

It must be read in conjunction with the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure. The Electrical Safety Procedure will detail required procedures for compliance with the University’s health, and safety and environment policy (A/9.1) and the Electrical Safety Act 2002. This includes procedures to be followed to protect people and property from the risks associated with electricity including how:

  • business is undertaken in a way that is electrically safe
  • all electrical equipment used is electrically safe, and used and maintained safely
  • people and property are likely to be affected when performing electrical work and are electrically safe
  • people performing work involving contact with or being near exposed parts are electrically safe
  • electrical work is only carried out by competent persons who are legally authorised to do so
  • electrical incident reporting is to be managed, and records kept.


9.10.2 Application

This policy applies to all staff, students, visitors, volunteers and contractors and in all QUT workplaces.


9.10.3 Roles and responsibilities


Executive Director, Health, Safety and Environment

  • approves the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure
  • provides direction, training and advice on Electrical Safety

Executive Director, Facilities Management

  • responsible for the electrical infrastructure in QUT owned properties and to various limited extents, property and facilities under lease arrangements for the appropriate safe management and compliance of such electrical systems, including installation, maintenance, testing and repair
  • maintains records of electrical infrastructure testing and maintenance as required by the Queensland Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and any other legislative instrument
  • maintains knowledge of Electrical Safety legislation and provides advice on electrical safety as required to meet QUT’s legal responsibilities
  • ensures compliance with the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and Electrical Safety Regulation 2013
Executive deans, institute directors and heads of division
  • ensures that local electrical procedures exist to manage electrical equipment
  • ensures that all electrical equipment purchased locally or overseas meets the requirement of the relevant Australian Standard. Mandatory considerations are contained in the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure.
  • ensures that electrical work for maintenance, research or teaching purposes is only carried out by competent persons who have been duly authorised to do so
  • ensures that equipment owned by the faculty, institute or division and used for training, teaching, research or general work is inspected, tested and maintained in electrically safe condition in accordance with the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure
  • investigates and reports all unplanned electrical incidents related to electrical equipment as per the QUT Incident Management Procedure, including notifying Facilities Management
  • ensures that all notifiable electrical events are reported to the Department of Health, Safety and Environment as per QUT Incident Management procedure
Managers and supervisors
  • ensures that any electrical equipment brought into the University by staff or students is fit for purpose and, where required, is tested and tagged before use
  • provides competent electrical supervision for persons working with electrical equipment
  • ensures electrical equipment is maintained in an electrically safe condition
Staff and students
  • comply with electrical safety procedures or requirements or as instructed by competent electrical persons
  • visually inspect electrical cords and equipment for any physical damage before use
  • remove all defective equipment from service immediately, and attach an ‘Out of Service’ tag warning people not to use the equipment until it is repaired or replaced


9.10.4 Implementation

Electrical safety requirements

  • All electrical equipment acquired for use on university property or for university purposes must comply with the relevant Australian Standards
  • Electrical equipment acquired by loan or hire must be electrically safe
  • Directly imported electrical equipment must not be used until tested to the relevant Australian Standard and all compliance certifications are obtained
  • No live work is to be carried out in the University. Limited exceptions are detailed in the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure
Instructions for safe use and maintenance of electrical items on University property can be found in the QUT Electrical Safety Procedure.


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Electrical Safety Act 2002

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Modification History

Date Sections Source Details
09.12.16 All Registrar Revised policy

A/9.10.2, A/9.10.4, A/9.10.6

Council Revised policy to reflect approved new department titled Health, Safety and Environment and new appointment of Director, Health, Safety and Environment
03.07.13 All Registrar

New policy