Manual of Policies and Procedures

A/9.4 Children on campus

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Executive Director, Health, Safety and Environment

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Approval Authority

Vice-President (Administration) and University Registrar

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9.4.1 Purpose
9.4.2 Application
9.4.3 Roles and responsibilities
9.4.4 Approval
9.4.5 Definitions
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Modification History

9.4.1 Policy principles

This policy outlines expectations when staff, students or other members of the QUT community have an occasional need to bring a child or children on to campus to balance work or study with their family responsibilities.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the University's equal opportunity and flexible workplace policies and guidelines, and Children on Campus guidelines (QUT staff access only).


9.4.2 Application

This policy applies to any member of the University community (including staff, students, committee members, consultants and contractors, volunteers) and any campus or location where QUT business is undertaken.

The University reserves the right to apply this policy to any member of the general public utilising a QUT campus.

This policy does not apply to situations where a child is brought on campus for the purpose of attending a registered child care facility, health clinic or other support and outreach service offered to children by the University, other approved program or community engagement activity.


9.4.3 Roles and responsibilities


All staff, students and members of the University community

  • ensure the health and safety of all, including children, at or near the workplace

Managers and supervisors (as defined in A/4.1.4)

  • approve or refuse a child being on campus in accordance with this policy


9.4.4 Approval

QUT recognises that, when balancing work, study and family responsibilities, a member of the University community as the carer of a child may occasionally need to bring the child onto campus.

Approval to bring a child on to campus should be guided by the following:

  • Children are the responsibility of the carer and must be supervised at all times while on campus.
  • Children must not be allowed to interfere with the work or study responsibilities of other staff or students.
  • Children must not be taken into high risk working environments (such as laboratories and workshops) where potentially dangerous equipment or hazardous substances are present or areas that are subject to particular statutory or local regulations.
  • The University reserves the right to deem any working environments as unsuitable for children.
  • Children should not be on campus in the care of a person who has high vigilance tasks which can lead to error or health, safety and environment risks if distracted by child supervision responsiblities.
  • Children recently exposed to an infectious illness (eg chicken pox, rubella, mumps), or who are known to be ill, are not to be brought on campus.
  • Attendance of a child or children in a working environment on campus must be approved by the relevant supervisor as soon as practical, in advance if possible or on arrival.¬†This is usually recorded on the Children of Staff on Campus approval form (QUT staff access only).¬† In the case of students, the relevant supervisor is the academic supervisor or a staff member in control of a facility or workplace such as a librarian.
  • Care of children on campus should not replace regular external childcare arrangements.
  • All reasonable attempts should be made to arrange alternative childcare before bringing a child to the workplace.
  • Staff should avail themselves of flexible work practices or leave options (e.g. flexible hours arrangements, personal leave) where available and appropriate.

It is important that the child's presence on campus does not result in disruption to a University workplace or activity, including classes and non-teaching areas such as the Library.

The University reserves the right to direct the removal of a child or children from a campus if the circumstances warrant it.


9.4.5 Definitions

Campus means any location where QUT business is undertaken, including:

  • Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses
  • Primary and associated distributed sites (H/3.9)
  • locations where field trips are taken
  • QUT vehicles.


Related Documents

MOPP A/8.4 Equal opportunity and diversity

MOPP A/8.8 Gender equity

Children on Campus guidelines (QUT staff access only)

Work-life balance (QUT staff access only)

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld)


Modification History

Date Sections Source Details
11.10.17 All Director, Health, Safety and Environment Revised and simplified policy
02.09.15 A/9.4.1, A/9.4.2 Director, Health Safety and Environment Revised policy to include environmental references


Council Revised policy to reflect approved new department titled Health, Safety and Environment and new appointment of Director, Health, Safety and Environment


Registrar Revised policy
18.11.09 All Associate Director, HR Health and Safety Advisory Services Periodic review – minor revisions only
10.06.05 All Registrar Policy reviewed (no change required)
02.07.04 All Registrar Policy reviewed and links updated
23.06.03 All Registrar Updated to combine separate policies for children of staff and children of students into one policy
18.06.00 All Vice-Chancellor New policy relating to children of students on campus (endorsed by Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee 10.8.00 and 18.5.00, and University Health and Safety Committee 19.8.99
19.11.98 All Vice-Chancellor

New policy relating to children of staff on campus (endorsed by Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Committee 19.11.98 and University Health and Safety Committee 28.5.98)