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A/8.9 Equity Board

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Equity Board is a Vice-Chancellor's committee established in accordance with Council Procedure 1 - Committees . Equity Board is accountable to the Vice-Chancellor for fulfilling the following terms of reference.

Terms of reference

Equity Board:

  • recommends policy initiatives in the equity area
  • advises on the equity implications of University policies
  • advises on the development of institutional responses to policy initiatives taken by government and other external agencies
  • responds to responsibilities under State and Federal legislation
  • consults with and advises appropriate committees and officers of the University on equity matters
  • coordinates and supports the efforts of the Working Parties of Equity Board in such areas as advocacy, education and staff development programs, service provision, and coordinated policy development within the University
  • fosters publicity of University equity initiatives
  • monitors the implementation of equity initiatives and programs within the University.


  • Nominee of the Registrar as Chair
  • Chair of Indigenous Education, Research and Employment Committee or nominee
  • Equity Director or nominee
  • Chair of each division/faculty equity committee
  • One representative of Chancellery nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
  • One representative of Caboolture campus nominated by the Registrar
  • One member of Council nominated by Council
  • One undergraduate student nominated by the Vice-Chancellor
  • One postgraduate student nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

A nominee of the Registrar is secretary, on recommendation of the Director, Equity Services Department.

The Equity Director is executive officer of Equity Board.

Tenure and frequency of meeting

Terms of office are as detailed in section 6 of Council Procedure 1 - Committees.

Equity Board meets at least four times a year.


Equity Board reports triennially to the Vice-Chancellor, including a consolidated equity report for the University.


Modification History

Date Sections Source Details
14.11.12 All Equity Board Revised terms of reference and membership provisions to include a representative from Caboolture campus



Equity Board

Annual Committee self assessment – Board reviewed, no change required




Renumbered to A/8.9 (formerly A/8.1) as part of revised policy framework for social justice; sub-committees of Equity Board disestablished as formal Vice-Chancellor’s committees (Low-SES Student Equity Committee, Disability Services Committee, Cultural Diversity Committee and Equity Awards Committee) – these committees to continue as working parties from 01.01.08 under their current membership and terms of reference (endorsed by Equity Board 15.11.07)




Revised terms of reference for Equity Board (triennial reporting cycle approved, effective from 2006) (endorsed by Equity Board 03.07.06)




Revised membership provisions relating to student representation on Equity Board and its sub-committees, consistent with Council Procedure 1 - Committees

29.06.04 All Vice-Chancellor Revised terms of reference and membership provisions in accordance with recommendations of Vice-Chancellor's Panel of the 2003/2004 Committees Review (Equity Board to be further reviewed by end of 2004)
30.08.00 All Vice-Chancellor Revised membership to include a representative from Chancellery
28.05.98 All Council Change to chairperson and reporting arrangements